With its average temperature between 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit and abundant supply of water it is no wonder why the rain forest is the richest source of plant life on Earth (Rainforest Plants, par. 1).



Standing 120 feet in the air are the canopy trees, referred to as an umbrella. Animals feed off of the fruit bearing trees (Rainforest Plants, par. 3).

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Air Plants:

Unlike most plants, air plants do not grow in soil, but on air as their food source. They take advantage of the water around them and grow on trees (Rainforest Plants, par. 4).


Some plants help other animals while obtaining food for themselves. Bromeliads have a water source in its center, which also serves as a pool for frogs, lizards, and insects (Rainforest Plants, par. 5).


The tropical rainforests produce many food plants including: avocado, bananas, coffee, lemons, oranges, peanuts, peppers, pineapples, and mushrooms (Rainforest Plants, par. 7). The tropical rain forests also support: sawpalm, cat’s-foot, Venus fly trap, lichen moss, twisty grass, teak, cypress, live oak, parasol plant, Sargasso, sesame, cedar, palmetto, and pitcher plants (Gooden, chart).

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