A Tropical Rainforest Food Web



This is an example of a tropical rainforest food web.  The producers are organisms that get their energy directly from the sun.  The producers include: orchids, seeds, banana trees, bamboo, and coconut trees.  The primary consumers are organisms that feed off of the producers, including: macaws, fruit bats, monkeys, insects, chimpanzees and parrots.  The secondary consumers that feed off the primary consumers are the chimpanzees and parrots, vampire bats, red-eyed tree frogs, and iguanas.  The tertiary consumers eat the secondary consumers which include: pythons and jaguar.  The food web is a delicate balance of life.  If an animal was wiped out due to deforestation or a natural disaster it would eradicate the balance of the food web.  The decomposers (bracket fungi, jelly-like fungi, slimemold, coral fungi, and giled fungi) feed off of the carcasses of the animals in the food web.

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